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Jack Brock Speer is the oldest child of Tom and Lena Speer. He has been a member of the Singing Speer Family ever since he was old enough to stand up. Since the death of Dad and Mom Speer, he and his brother, Ben, have been the leaders of the family singing group. A most congenial and concerned man, Brock has served gospel music in many capacities including Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Gospel Music Association. As a record producer for Skylite, he directed most of the major groups in their recordings. He is an ordained Elder in the Church of the Nazarene. He has graduated from Trevecca College and Vanderbilt Divinity School. He is married to the former Faye Ihrig and they have three children, Susan, Marc, and Bryan.

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Ben Speer

BEN SPEER – Contact Information

PO Box 40201,

Nashville, TN 37204


615-228-4040 (fax)


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CMP Articles

One year, I decided that I really wanted to bring in The Speer Family, so I called The Harper Agency and we discussed a date and time and the financial arrangements. I must admit, that the figure we settled on was considerably more than we had ever agreed to before, but I just knew that we simply had have The Speers that year for our Homecoming. I also knew that God would make a way for us to be able to meet our obligation. (…MORE)

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Marc Speer Forms New Speer Revival; Signs With Avid Group, News & Scoop –

Marc Speer Forms New Speer Revival; Signs With Avid Group

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Nashville, TN – The Speer Family will begin its third generation of performing southern gospel music with Marc Speer’s announcement of the formation of New Speer Revival. Marc Speer, Rick Moore, Kimber Manning and former Speer Family group member Karen Apple will perform many of the traditional Speer songs in a style reminiscent of the early Speer Family. Marc, son of Faye and the late Brock Speer, comments, “I still have people comment about how much they loved the Speer Family, their songs, and their style of singing. We’ll be bringing back some of the fan favorites but also reintroducing songs that will be new to today’s generation of Southern Gospel fans.” Their debut project and radio single are scheduled for release in the early spring, 2002.

New Speer Revival has signed a management agreement with The Avid Group. For more information you may contact The Avid Group at 615-331-0900.

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Artist page for The Speer Family – Wal-mart


The Speer Family came on the southern gospel music scene at a time when the genre seemed overrun with quartets and other groups. The Speer Family has released over 70 albums, five of which gained them Grammy nominations. They are the recipients of several Dove Awards, eight for Best Mixed Group of the Year, two for Best Album, and four consecutively for Best Female Vocalist.

G.T. Speer, the family patriarch, grew up in rural Fayetteville, Georgia. His first memory of gospel music was a tune sung to him by his mother. Early on, he began writing and singing, displaying his spiritual love and devotion through music. In 1920, G.T. married the former Lena Brock. Her father was one of the south’s leading gospel teachers and musicians. Since music had always been a huge part of their lives, the couple formed a gospel singing group. The first of the Speer Family quartets, conceived in 1921, consisted of Speer, Lena, his sister, and his sister’s husband. The inclusion of women was a huge departure from tradition as previous gospel groups had consisted of males only.

In 1925, G.T.’s sister and her husband left the group. Their replacements were two of G.T.’s and Lena’s four children, Rosa Nell and Mary Tom. Mary sang, and Rosa Nell sang and played piano. In time, brother Brock became the bass, and brother Ben, lead singer. As a family, the Speers recorded more than a dozen Gospel albums, including the classic, Time Has Made A Change, and what became their theme song, “Won’t We Be So Happy?”

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Ben Speer

Ben Speer was an active member of The Speers for the majority of his life. From the time he was a small child to the early 1990’s, he was lead singer for The Speers. In 1997, when the Speer brothers and sisters reformed the group as a family, Ben returned as lead singer for the First Family of Gospel Music. He is also the baritone singer for the Homeland Quartet. In addition to his singing responsibilities, he is a partner of Suite 16 Recording Studio and produces the famous Homeland EZ Key Soundtracks. Shortly after the first Bill Gaither Homecoming Video was released, Ben became Music Director for the video series. He coordinates all music for the videos and is a regular member of each live Homecoming Concert date. Ben owns and operates Ben Speer Music. Each summer, he helps out the youth in gospel music by sponsoring the Stamps-Baxter School of Music. Ben is a member of the GMA Hall of Fame and of the SGMA Hall of Fame.

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Speer Family History

The Speer Family was established in 1921. The original members included G.T. (Dad) Speer, Lena (Mom) Speer, Dad Speer’s sister and brother-in-law. When the original group was formed, Dad Speer taught in Singing Schools, upholding his infamous image for being a “stickler” for singing every note exactly correct! By the 1930’s, Mom and Dad Speer were traveling as a family group with their own children. As the children would mature, their duties would change: Brock became the bass, Mary Tom sang alto, Ben took the lead and Rosa Nell served as pianist. Over the years the sisters left the group to, as Brock always says, “have kids and raise husbands.” After the sisters left the group, Dad Speer had to look outside of the family for female vocalists. Many great talents would join The Speers over the years, such as Jeanne Johnson, Ann (Sanders) Downing, and Sue (Chenault) Dodge, all principles of the Gaither Homecoming Videos. After the deaths of Dad and Mom Speer in the mid 60’s, Brock took over management of the group. When Dad Speer died, The Speers needed tenor singers and there has been a talented line of tenors who have sung with the group, such as Harold Lane and Charles Yates. Throughout their career, The Speers have continued the tradition of excellence that Mom and Dad Speer started so many years ago. Mom and Dad were among the very first to be inducted into the GMA Hall of Fame. The Speers, as a group, are recipients of 8 Dove Awards for Best Mixed Group of the Year. They have won such awards as the GMA Lifetime Achievement Award, along with numerous song of the year awards, for hits such as “Saved to the Uttermost” and “He’s Still In the Fire.” As The Speers continue to sing, even after 75 years of ministry through Gospel Music, the overwhelming feeling is “THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!!”

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Marc Speer: ZoomInfo Business People Information

Marc Speer

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New Speer Revival (Past)

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Wtith my own two hands – YouTube – Truveo Video Search

Brock Speer Videos [Comedy, Classics and Character – 1988 – several parts]

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allmusic ((( The Speer Family > Overview )))

Biography by Sandra Brennan & Bil Carpenter

An important reference point in the appreciation of traditional Southern gospel quartet singing, the Speer Family emerged when there were countless Southern gospel quartets, but continued to perform into the 1990s. Although the Speer lineup had changed over the years, their music in the ’90s was still true to the music they were making when the group was formed by patriarch G.T. in 1921.

G.T. Speer was born in a rural community near Fayetteville, Georgia, and worked as a teacher at the Stamps-Baxter School of Music in Dallas. He also taught at the Vaughan School of Music, Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. The first incarnation of the Speers was formed in 1921 with his wife Lena… Read More…

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