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5 references to speer in this book

1. on Page 105:

“Its warrant was granted on June 4, 1852, to “John Brownlee, W.M., John C. Speer”

2. on Page 107:

“A.J. SPEER HOME, LOWNDESVILLE. This home was built in 1854 by Julius F.C. DuPre, who became a professor”

3. on Page 118:

“118 SPEER PLANTATION. The original house appears to date to the 1780s. William Speer Sr”

4. on Page 119:

“GEORGE WASHINGTON SPEER. Pictured in his Confederate uniform in 1861 in Charleston, South Carolina”

5. from Intro Pages:

“Bob Speer, who cheered us on and collected photos; our hue West photo “scout” Mr. Millen Ellis; and Mr. Bill Rogers (past … ”

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allmusic ((( The Speer Family > Overview )))

Biography by Sandra Brennan & Bil Carpenter

An important reference point in the appreciation of traditional Southern gospel quartet singing, the Speer Family emerged when there were countless Southern gospel quartets, but continued to perform into the 1990s. Although the Speer lineup had changed over the years, their music in the ’90s was still true to the music they were making when the group was formed by patriarch G.T. in 1921.

G.T. Speer was born in a rural community near Fayetteville, Georgia, and worked as a teacher at the Stamps-Baxter School of Music in Dallas. He also taught at the Vaughan School of Music, Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. The first incarnation of the Speers was formed in 1921 with his wife Lena… Read More…

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GOGR Music History – The Speer Family

GOGR Music History –

The Speer Family

Dad Speer once recorded a song entitled “Time Has Made a Change.” Although at the time, that seemed a long ways away for the Speer children, but it finally happened.

Although the nucleus for the Speer Family remained secure for many years, the “adopted” Speers were like a revolving door. As mentioned in the previous article, soprano Caroline Traylor passed away after a bout with cancer. The Speers didn’t immediately replace her and recorded two projects without a soprano vocalist. “Stepping Out on Faith” and “Celebration at Sea” featured the voices of Ben, Brock, and Faye Speer with Harold Lane. Harold Lane left the group in 1988. He was replaced by Bill Itzell and Jane Greene joined as soprano vocalist. The Speers continued to experience success on the charts with this group. “Saved to the Uttermost” and “He’s Still in the Fire” were two of their greatest recordings.

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GOGR Music History – Speer Family

GOGR Music History –

The Speer Family

The Speer Family moved to Nashville, Tennessee shortly after Brock was discharged from the Air Force. Brock felt the calling of God to the ministry and he enrolled at Trevecca Nazarene College. The Speer Family established themselves amid the music world of Nashville. They had a morning radio show and traveled around singing their gospel music. At this time, there were few mixed gospel groups traveling about the country.

Brock would have probably become a minister, had his father not experienced some dental problems. It’s amazing how God works His magic. Dad had his teeth extracted, and he began experiencing some trouble speaking from the stage. He turned the emcee duties over to Brock, and Brock soon found out that he could do his own version of sermonizing without the benefit of a pulpit. Through the ministry of music, Brock was able to relay the gospel to countless thousands.

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GOGR Music History – The Speer Family

GOGR Music History –

Through the years, my writings have seemed to feature male quartets and trios, but I also have a secret love in my heart for a few select mixed groups. My favorite mixed group is the Speer Family. They were featured on the first gospel concert that I ever attended, and I fell in love with their classic sound. That night, the group consisted of Brock and Ben Speer, Jeannie Johnson, Harold Lane, and Ann Sanders. This was shortly after Jeannie Johnson had joined the group, and I remember that she was featured quite prominently that evening.

The members of Speer Family have had a great impact upon the history of gospel music. Five of them are members of the Southern Gospel Music Hall of Fame. George Thomas Speer was a noted gospel songwriter and teacher. He married the love of his life, Lena Brock, in Athens, Alabama February 27, 1920. Lena and Tom (who will forever be known as Mom and Dad Speer both in their professional life and in my writing) shared a love of gospel music, and were raised in singing families. Dad Speer often said, “I met a singer’s daughter at a singing convention, got married in a singer’s home, and raised a singing family.” Nothing could better express the life of Mom and Dad Speer.

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GOGR Music History – The Speer Family

GOGR Music History –

The Speer Family

As the years passed by, the Speers continued to be at the top of the gospel music world.

The lovely “Speer” ladies continued to draw attention from the males that followed the group. Sue Chenault left the Speers shortly after they recorded one of their greatest hits penned by Harold Lane, “Touring That City”. Their wonderful soprano vocalist married Amos Dodge and she became a preacher’s wife. She and Reverend Amos continue their ministry many years hence. She has appeared many times at the Grand Ole Gospel Reunion and was the subject of “This Is Your Life Sue Dodge” just a few years ago.

The Speers began to lean toward a more contemporary vein during the next years. Dianne Hooper replaced Sue with the family and became an extremely popular vocalist with the Speers. Many great songs were recorded during her time with the family. “God Gave the Song” was one of the “sugar sticks” for the Speers during that time. The 1974 version of the Speers presented a modern sound to their fans, but they also included the old convention songs in their programs.

Polyester suits, “cool” hairstyles, and great backing musicians brought the Speers into the mid 1970s. Their song selections continued to focus on writings by Bill Gaither, Harold Lane, and Mosie Lister.

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GOGR Music History – The Speer Family

GOGR Music History –

Speer Family

First, let me ask for your forgiveness for being tardy with this article. Other cares of this life have prevented me from keeping up in a timely manner and I thank Mr. Waller for being patient with me and I ask for your patience also.

The Speer Family went through several changes in the 1960s. However, they never disappointed their fans with the group they put on stage. For several years, Brock, Ben, and Faye Speer joined adopted Speers Ann Sanders and Charles Yates to carry on the Speer tradition. Often, Mom and Dad would join the group as their health would allow. Although many thought the Speers could never continue without Mom and Dad, the family tradition continued and the Speers never did a concert without giving their very best. Although the absence of Mom and Dad was felt, their audiences realized that the Speer Family would continue to provide them the best in gospel music whether their parents were there or not. As mentioned in the previous chapter, Dad Speer passed away September 7, 1966. One of their finest recordings was released shortly after Dad’s death called “Dad Speer’s Greatest Gospel Hits.” It featured twelve songs either written or featuring G.T. Speer. This memorial album was one of the biggest sellers in the history of the family.

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Musicscribe – Useful – Informative: Brock Speer Biography

June 7, 2005

Brock Speer Biography

Jackson Brock Speer

(Dec. 28, 1920 – Mar. 29, 1999)

Brock Speer began singing professionally with his parent’s quartet while still a small boy in the 1920s. Aside from a stint as a soldier in World War II, Speer sang with his family group his entire life. Ultimately moving to the bass position, Speer became the leader of the group after the death of his parents in the mid-1960s. Under Speer’s direction, the group was one of the top drawing groups in the industry until their retirement, recording on the RCA, Benson, and Homeland labels among others.

In 1972, Speer served as president of the GMA. He also served the organization as chairman of the board and was a permanent board member. He was inducted into the GMA Hall Of Fame in 1975. The SGMA inducted Brock into their Hall Of Fame in 1997, also inducting his parents that same year.

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Speer Family – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Speer Family, a Southern Gospel family group, was founded in 1921 by George Thomas (“Dad”) Speer (1891-1966), his wife Lena (“Mom”) Speer, and his sister and brother-in-law Pearl and Logan Claborn.



* 1 Early years

* 2 The Siblings Join

* 3 Later Years

* 4 Partial Discography

[edit] Early years

Within two years, the group had become so successful that George Thomas “Dad” Speer decided to make the group full-time. In the late 1920s, the group established a working relationship with the James David Vaughan Music Company, selling songbooks.

However, the group’s success proved to be insufficient to support two families’ budgets. In 1925, Logan and Pearl Claborn left the group; Logan returned to his job as a carpenter.

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