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Marc Speer Forms New Speer Revival; Signs With Avid Group, News & Scoop –

Marc Speer Forms New Speer Revival; Signs With Avid Group

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Nashville, TN – The Speer Family will begin its third generation of performing southern gospel music with Marc Speer’s announcement of the formation of New Speer Revival. Marc Speer, Rick Moore, Kimber Manning and former Speer Family group member Karen Apple will perform many of the traditional Speer songs in a style reminiscent of the early Speer Family. Marc, son of Faye and the late Brock Speer, comments, “I still have people comment about how much they loved the Speer Family, their songs, and their style of singing. We’ll be bringing back some of the fan favorites but also reintroducing songs that will be new to today’s generation of Southern Gospel fans.” Their debut project and radio single are scheduled for release in the early spring, 2002.

New Speer Revival has signed a management agreement with The Avid Group. For more information you may contact The Avid Group at 615-331-0900.

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YouTube – Speers – I Never Shall Forget the Day

Speers – I Never Shall Forget the Day

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The Speer Family: Information from


An important reference point in the appreciation of traditional Southern gospel quartet singing, the Speer Family emerged when there were countless Southern gospel quartets, but continued to perform into the 1990s. Although the Speer lineup had changed over the years, their music in the ’90s was still true to the music they were making when the group was formed by patriarch G.T. in 1921.

G.T. Speer was born in a rural community near Fayetteville, Georgia, and worked as a teacher at the Stamps-Baxter School of Music in Dallas. He also taught at the Vaughan School of Music, Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. The first incarnation of the Speers was formed in 1921 with his wife Lena, his sister, and her husband. Until then, virtually every gospel group was made up of only males. G.T. persisted with his original lineup and, much to the surprise of gospel purists, became popular. He also strayed from the norm by having the Speers sing only gospel music, and soon other groups followed suit.

In 1925, his sister and brother-in-law left, so G.T. and Lena added their children Rosa Nell and Mary Tom to the lineup. They eventually left to raise their own children, but returned to become permanent members a few years later. Over the years, the Speer Family often contained other musicians, most notably Harold Lane, who spent two decades with them.

Through the 1950s and ’60s, the Speers were frequent guests on radio station WLAC Nashville. In 1966, G.T. suddenly died and became the first person inducted into the Deceased Category of the Gospel Music Hall of Fame; his wife Lena died the following year and became its second inductee in 1972. During their long career, the group has won numerous awards and honors, but one of the highest came in 1981 on the group’s 60th anniversary: the Speers were entered into the Congressional Record and received a plaque that contained their first commercial record. To celebrate these events, the Benson Company distributed a commemorative anniversary album and packaged a multimedia presentation chronicling the distinguished family’s history. In 1993, they released a new album, A Beautiful Day. ~ Sandra Brennan & Bil Carpenter, All Music Guide

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Original members of the famous Speer Family delight the students at Ben Speer’s Stamps/Baxter School of Music, Nashville, August, 1994.

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Music – Speer Family Sound Booth

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