Movement for Protection of Mounds and Cultural Heritage in Alabama


I choose my causes carefully — this is one I feel is important. Please, read the note below and let me know what you think. We need input on this issue.
From FB Page:

“Movement for Protection of Mounds and Cultural Heritage in Alabama”

“Hi everyone,

Based on the suggestion of Rainey Welch (Thanks, Rainey), we have decided that we wanted to hold an awareness and preservation of Native American and prehistoric culture in Alabama day. We have spoken to Dr. Harry Holstein of Jacksonville State University and Sharon Jackson of The Creek Nation to start getting the ball rolling. We have an appointment with an official in Jacksonville, Alabama, Thursday to discuss holding this on the square or at the recreation center. We do not have a date set, but we hope to have a date on Thursday, and we will keep all of you posted.

Once we get the date set, we will need volunteers (Native American drummers, story tellers, any musicians, artists, dancers, craft and food venders, and anyone who cares about this cause and is willing to help other people care too). Anyone interested in helping please contact us , so that we can try to start organizing and planning. We are trying to do what we can because we truly believe in this cause. We will post something in the next couple of days concerning our background information and why we care so much. We just want to let you know who we are on a personal level. Preservation of the past is very important and close to our hearts. The people in the past are all of our ancestors because we would not be here without them. It is time to honor that, stand up, and give those people a voice.

Bowing Humbly,

Cora and Rob”


Want to know more?

Contact Rob and Cora, me, or search for the “Oxford, Alabama Mound Site” using Google.

Thank you, for your time.

— Cathy Ann Abernathy

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