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Randy Owen Concert….Time Passes On « Tales from the Trailerpark

I’ve been an Alabama fan for a long, long time. My kids are, too. They had no choice since I played their music while they were growing up. I’m not a big country music fan in general. There are a few that I really like and Alabama was one of them. I was sad when they announced their retirement. My daughter found out that Randy Owen went solo and bought me two front row seats to his concert at the West Virginia state fair.

I didn’t know exactly what to expect. I knew that I had gotten older since the last time I saw him about six years ago and wasn’t sure if his retirement had been good to him or aged him.

Had to sit thru a Tracy Lawrence concert first. I’m not a TL fan. He did have a great backup band but I just wanted them to hurry and get the hell off stage.They finally did and the big moment was about to take place……Randy O on stage, solo.

We kept seeing a fairly obese guy with dark, curly hair. My daughter looked at me and said, “Lets pray!” I said, “For what?” She said, “That that person is not Randy Owen.” So ,we did.

God answered our prayers because that was not RO. But, just a few minutes later, the annoucer said, “Please give a big welcome to Randy Owen!”

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