Thieves Steal Salvation Army Kettle Funds

Thieves Steal Salvation Army Kettles | Lyra Manning | FOX Charlotte | 121309

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Two men robbed the Salvation Army’s kettle processing center at around 10:20 Friday night.

“Kettles were coming in. We were emptying our last set, and two gentlemen came in with guns,” said Salvation Army Lt. Matt Trantham.

The two men made Trantham and the other two workers get on the floor while they grabbed 13 kettles and some loose cash, totaling around $4,000.

The robbers took money that was supposed to help fund a number of charitable programs, including the Angel Tree. “Just because of this one night, it’s affected not only the big picture of our goal for the Christmas season, but other programs that get money through this program,” said Trantham.

Starting Saturday, the Salvation Army has added additional security at its processing center, and they’re working hard to continue to reach their goal for the season. “There are certain things that might suffer because of this, but you have to move on – you have to get the kettles out the next day,” said Trantham.

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