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Merry Christmas!!!

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Merry Christmas!!!
This has been an interesting year to say the least. How? You might ask. I can’t even begin to do it justice here.
So, I will let you browse through my many “blogs” at your leisure: “Blog” — My First Blog (On My Own Site).
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Billy Ray Cyrus, Ancestors

Re: Billy Ray Cyrus ancestors

Hurshel Lee Cyrus b. 9-2-1927 d 2-2-1985 buried in Elkhart IN –Rice Cementary
Hurshel married Ethel James on 2-1-1949
Ethel–b 7-3-1933—Resides in Indiana
Virginia ( Jenny)–7-19-1949—wed Paul Scarberry–Children–Bill,Travis,Chris
Roger 9-15-1951—wed Nancy Ayers–divorced
Bernard 4-9-1953–wed Evon Keeling—
Linda 4-2-1955 —wed Walter Ayers
Wilma 4-16-1961–wed Brian Christy—divorced—–wed Jerry Schrock–
Dennis 3-12-1967—Single

All live in Indiana except for Dennis—he lives in Pennsylvania
I will try to email you more when I get it all around—-

Concert Adventure

Randy Owen Concert….Time Passes On « Tales from the Trailerpark

I’ve been an Alabama fan for a long, long time. My kids are, too. They had no choice since I played their music while they were growing up. I’m not a big country music fan in general. There are a few that I really like and Alabama was one of them. I was sad when they announced their retirement. My daughter found out that Randy Owen went solo and bought me two front row seats to his concert at the West Virginia state fair.

I didn’t know exactly what to expect. I knew that I had gotten older since the last time I saw him about six years ago and wasn’t sure if his retirement had been good to him or aged him.

Had to sit thru a Tracy Lawrence concert first. I’m not a TL fan. He did have a great backup band but I just wanted them to hurry and get the hell off stage.They finally did and the big moment was about to take place……Randy O on stage, solo.

We kept seeing a fairly obese guy with dark, curly hair. My daughter looked at me and said, “Lets pray!” I said, “For what?” She said, “That that person is not Randy Owen.” So ,we did.

God answered our prayers because that was not RO. But, just a few minutes later, the annoucer said, “Please give a big welcome to Randy Owen!”

Thieves Steal Salvation Army Kettle Funds

Thieves Steal Salvation Army Kettles | Lyra Manning | FOX Charlotte | 121309

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Two men robbed the Salvation Army’s kettle processing center at around 10:20 Friday night.

“Kettles were coming in. We were emptying our last set, and two gentlemen came in with guns,” said Salvation Army Lt. Matt Trantham.

The two men made Trantham and the other two workers get on the floor while they grabbed 13 kettles and some loose cash, totaling around $4,000.

The robbers took money that was supposed to help fund a number of charitable programs, including the Angel Tree. “Just because of this one night, it’s affected not only the big picture of our goal for the Christmas season, but other programs that get money through this program,” said Trantham.

Starting Saturday, the Salvation Army has added additional security at its processing center, and they’re working hard to continue to reach their goal for the season. “There are certain things that might suffer because of this, but you have to move on – you have to get the kettles out the next day,” said Trantham.

Bus Tours Increase Tourism – Dekalb County, Alabama

The Times-Journal

Dersham said the tour originated in Muscle Shoals, and included a visit to the Mentone area, where participants ate and shopped at the Wildflower Café – then, on to stay the night at DeSoto Lodge.

He said he met the tour bus the next morning and got on as a guide, directing the tourists to and through such area attractions as DeSoto Park, Orbix Glass, the Alabama Museum and Gift Shop, and the Big Mill Antique Mall.

That particular tour even included an unexpected encounter with Randy Owen. While visiting Owen’s home, Dersham said Owen came outside, encouraged tourists to get off the bus, and spoke with three World War II veterans who happened to be among the tour participants.

“All three of the vets were almost 90 years old,” Dersham said. “It was totally unplanned that Randy would greet us; they just wanted to see his house. But, he was very gracious – and, of course, he is a very big supporter of our troops. He really took a lot of time thanking the vets for their support, which just tickled them to death.”

Dersham said DeKalb currently draws about three or four such bus tours per year, but he and other representatives of the tourist association are working to up that number to three or four per month.

“If you think about it, this just brings a great deal of money, and a great deal of tax revenue into the area,” he said.

J. W. D. Speer and Martha Ann Pamelia Jane Piper

700000 people connected with European Royalty

J. W. D. Speer and Martha Ann Pamelia Jane Piper

Husband J. W. D. Speer 3



Wife Martha Ann Pamelia Jane Piper 3


Children 1 F Martha Sophronia Speer 3

Born: 8 Jan 1894 – Cherokee Co., AL
Buried: – Needmore Cemetery, AL

Spouse: Joseph Alonzo Dawson (1890-1964) 3
Marr: 2 May 1915

Happy Holidays!

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Happy Holidays!
Hope everyone has Happy Holidays – despite the moody/cold/wet weather that may come our way before Christmas.

I know many have been dealing with issues that life seems to ‘surprise us’ with; but you have to remember, there are people who care about you, and will listen if you want/need to talk.
Yesterday I spent trying to get my hobby room in order – but I never realized exactly how much yarn, string, floss that I have collected — it would fill a small room! (so it nearly does.)

Now, that I have that ‘stash’ somewhat sorted – what do I do with the rest of my treasures? Old school yearbooks, newspaper clippings, ticket stubs, old grocery list — outdated addresses/phone numbers on scraps of paper — You get the general idea…
Yes, CHRISTMAS is quickly approaching.
No, we have not completed our shopping list , yet.
Dave and I may end up creating gifts — at least a few. Others will be added as we can purchase them.
With the economy on the skids — I am sure everyone is trying to find ways to save money while not losing the true spirit of Christmas giving.
One long-tried tip? Trade days, flea markets and yard sales…
Not your style of gift source…well, give a try — you will never know what unique gift items can be found, and most very reasonable in cost.
The best quote I have heard lately — “Rare books, make for rare gifts”. So, most rare books won’t be found in a new bookstore.
Just a bit of a ramble for this first Friday of 2009.
Anyway, here’s hoping you have the best holidays possible. Drop a note my way if you get a chance during this hectic season.
— Cathy Ann Abernathy – weavercat@gmail.comhttp://weavercat.wordpress.com