Speer family – South Carolina/Georgia

SPEER Ancestors

Old Rocky River Presbyterian Cemetery
Calhoun Falls, South Carolina

One of our most notable family lines with respect to the “pioneer heritage” was the Speer family. One of the best documented early Speer ancestor was William Speer, Sr. (1747-1830), who was born in Strebaul, County Antrim, Ireland. William’s father was John William Speer (1723-1771), also an Irishman by birth, but who died in Georgia prior to the Revolutionary War. William, Sr. served several tours of duty in the War of Independence and his life is well documented by his son, William Speer, Jr. (1788-1877). See the Childress/Mathis Family Tree on Roots Web for notes on William Speer, Jr. and further information.

William Speer, Jr. and his family lived for most of their lives around the Calhoun Falls, South Carolina area. There are at least seven Speer interments in the “old” Rocky River Presbyterian Cemetery outside Calhoun Falls. For anyone who really wants a scavenger hunt, one should try to find this “old” Rocky River Cemetery! This cemetery, begun in the 1770’s, was abandoned by the Rocky River Presbyterian Church when it moved to new quarters many decades ago. As of April 2004, there has been a renewed effort to maintain it, as the fresh 6″ diameter tree stumps will attest.

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