Teague (English) = Theigue (Irish) = Tadhg (Celtic)

Celtic Surnames

So much for our surnames. If havoc has been played with them in the course of a century or two, still greater havoc has been made with our Christian names. Mr. Laurence Ginnell, in his interesting article in a late number of the New Ireland Review, has pointed out that the Highlanders have preserved their Celtic Christian names much better than we have preserved ours. Even when their surnames may have changed, still we find such markedly Gaelic Christian names as Angus and Malcolm and Duncan and Murdoch and Kenneth and Donald quite popular amongst them, and sometimes even in Lowland families. Of thousands of Celtic Christian names current amongst us, so late even as a couple of centuries ago, scarce half a hundred survive: among the most usual being Brian, Colman, Donagh (Ir. Donnchadh, Scottish ‘Duncan’) Felim, Fergus, Finnian (Ir. Finnghin), Fintan, Kieran (Ciarán), Kevin (Ir. Caoimhghin) Jarlath (for Iarfhlaith), Mogue (Maodhóg), Murtagh (Muircheartach), Neill (for Niall), Owen (Eoghan), and Theigue (for Tadhg). And most of these are very rare. No doubt a great many more are used in Irish, but they are generally Englished by some travesty, as when Diarmuid (‘Dermod,’ ‘Dermot’) is rendered by ‘Jeremiah,’ or ‘Darby,’ Domhnall (‘Donald’) by `Daniel,’ Conchubhar (‘ Conor ‘) by ‘Cornelius,’ Cathal (‘Cahal’) by ‘Charles,’ Flaithri by ‘Florence,’ Maol-Mhuire by ‘Miles’, ‘Myles,’ &c.

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