King Brian Boru, of Ireland



The Brian family must have shared in the crumbs that have fallen from the table of the Abrahamic Covenant, promising seed, “as the dust of the earth.” They are a prolific group and are widely scattered over Europe and America. The name Brian was taken from the Celtic language and means strong. It is interesting to note that the spelling from the beginning was Brian, but in its travel in time and place the spelling has been changed in many ways, such as Brien, O’Brien, Bryant, Briant, O’Brian, just a few of the many changes in the name.

Records prove that all of the Brians had their origin with King Brian, ruler of Munster, Ireland, 1002 AD History gives that he was born about 927 AD and became king of Thomond and Munster when he was fifty-five years old (note map). First serving as a general in his father’s army, he soon became one of the most noted princes in the Island Country, thereby prosecuting a war against the Danish and driving them as a whole from Ireland. Because of this he gained his title “Boru, 11 meaning “One to whom tribute is to be paid.” So we have the name, King Brian Boru.

The ruler proved himself a man of broad intellect. Under his reign schools and colleges thrived, roads were built, an efficient army and navy were organized. He turned the tide against Danish idolatry greatly advancing the early struggles toward Christian standards, He also passed a decree that all people kin to him must take the name Brian as a surname. From this time surnames became fixed and permanent in Ireland. Notice that we get Surname from the word Sire, which means, one who begets.

Another thing of great interest, King Brian had a son whom he named Morgan. Morgan grew up and also became a great warrior. He was very proud of his king father and when he signed his name he signed it as follows Morgan O’Brian. The letter “O” in the Celts means the, so his name spelled this way, Morgan the son of Brian. King Brian also had five other sons, namely: Charles, William, James, Thomas and Dessex. Notice the Brian Coat of Arms on another page. History gives that King Brian was married more than one time and some of the sons may have been half-brothers.

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