Teague (3rd) Riggin – Maryland

Riggin pg 1 of 2

3. RIGGIN, Teague(III) b. c. 1698 d 1743 m. Mary (TOWNSEND q.v.?) Mary was sister to Amie Townsend Riggin who married Teague’s brother Charles . q.v.

w.d.13 Jan 1743/4 Somerset Co., Md.probated in , 23 Feb1743/4 Somerset Co., MD. wife, Mary, and left her benefit of all houses possessed on land called “Middle Plantation,” 1/3 part of land during her widowhood, Negroes Quaks and Dina, riding horse and oldest of gray mares, and named her executrix. To son, Teague, he left land and houses on “Middle Plantation,” Negro boy Howbourn, pistols & holsters, case of bottles and desk. James got lands and premises on the easternmost side of Dividing Creek purchased from Somerset Donnohoe, 1/2 of 10 acres of land purchased from George Benston, mill on land purchased of Donnohoe, Negro boy Cesar and young gray mare, gun and a desk. Daughter Elizabeth Townsend got Negro boy Adam, livestock and a chest which “is now at her house.” Daughter, Sarah, received Negro boy Harry; Grace got Negro boy Jonas, Rebecckah got Negro boy Jacob and Mary got Negro girl Patience. Witnesses: Arthur Warwick, John Phillips and John Benson.

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