Musicscribe – Useful – Informative: Brock Speer Biography

June 7, 2005

Brock Speer Biography

Jackson Brock Speer

(Dec. 28, 1920 – Mar. 29, 1999)

Brock Speer began singing professionally with his parent’s quartet while still a small boy in the 1920s. Aside from a stint as a soldier in World War II, Speer sang with his family group his entire life. Ultimately moving to the bass position, Speer became the leader of the group after the death of his parents in the mid-1960s. Under Speer’s direction, the group was one of the top drawing groups in the industry until their retirement, recording on the RCA, Benson, and Homeland labels among others.

In 1972, Speer served as president of the GMA. He also served the organization as chairman of the board and was a permanent board member. He was inducted into the GMA Hall Of Fame in 1975. The SGMA inducted Brock into their Hall Of Fame in 1997, also inducting his parents that same year.

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