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Okay, if you are a regular reader of my many post; but you haven’t submitted any comments about the post.

Let’s say you would like to, but don’t want to lose your ‘privacy’ by siging up for a user name to post a comment.

What do you need?


Two: an active email address.

Don’t have an email you wish to be ‘public’?

Not a major problem — if you sign up for a [FREE!] web-based email account with — you don’t have to worry about mail/messages you don’t wish to read.

The beauty of Gmail?

1) Is that you can ‘mark’ certain recurring mail message(s) as junk mail, and never have to view the message from that address in your INBOX again.

2) You can share photos/digital image of ANY size, and not worry about filling the INBOX

the storage space for each account keeps getting larger from what I understand.

3) You don’t have to check it except when YOU WANT TO!

4) It is available from any internet-connected computer; just know your user name and password — you’re ready for anything.

5) I hear there is a MOBILE version for certain cell phones/PDA devices…

So, if you want to reply to a post, ask a question or just give some suggestions about certain topics…Please do.

I promise, to do my best to keep everyone’s details PRIVATE, as needed.

Thank you, for visiting.

– Cathy Ann Abernathy


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